Key Benefits System Components Key Features

Real-Time Configurability

  • Modify the process logic and system configuration without downtime

Shop Floor Integration

  • Communicate with any device; from torque tool controllers, RFID reader/writers, barcode scanners, to any OPC compliant piece of equipment

Product Traceability

  • Complete WIP production history for final/sub assemblies
  • Complete Bill of Material for final/sub assemblies

Product Identificaion

  • Barcode label generation
  • RFID

Quality Control and Error Proofing

  • Sequence of operations control; Operator must perform steps in exact order, each correctly before progressing to the next step
  • Immediate feedback to operators about erroneous behavior; corrective actions defined
  • Complete build instructions, including images and drawings for the operator

Production Analytics and Business Intelligence

  • Who made what, when, where, and where is it
    • Aggregate by SKU, Workstation, time range, entire plant
    • By Specific Product ID
  • Cycle time analysis
  • Real time monitoring of plant operations; visual graphic displays

Inventory Management

  • Raw material usage tracking
    • Aggregate by SKU
    • By Specific Product ID
  • Finished goods tracking
    • Warehousing
    • AS/RS control

Production Scheduling

  • Build to order; via EDI or manual input
  • Ship to order via EDI, automatic build to stock replenishment
  • Web based interface for monitoring, schedule entry/modification

System Architecture

  • Extensible
  • Open
  • SOA enabled for data exchange with third party ERP systems
  • Match your process exactly; from a single workstation to an entire plant